Crash Protection Proofs so far in 2020

ITES Deflation Shock Calls 2020

New Liquidity Push Detection Machine available for Trading & Crash Detection. Real-Time View Channel

Additional Warning of Clients by Email. Warning from 24.02.20, 20h30

Price Waterfall after the Warning. Price Waterfall caused biggest S&P 500 Decline in History and a substantial Retracement down in Gold simultanously

Crash Danger detecting Algorithms

We run very sophisticated liquidity detection algorithms and fractal push algorithms to cover the short- term protection.

These tools are warning tools which are distributable real time to our clients thus creating a short term warning system.

This adds to long term warning dates and long term warning values.

Warning signals can be used for definition of periods of readiness for reaction, de- investment signals for certain sectors and many other purposes. Wherever a portfolio size surpasses the liquidity of future markets, such warning signals are also used instead of hedges, because hedges can only be applied up to the size of 8-10 digits USD sized positions (depending on the asset) which the instant market liquidity allows.


The Crash detection Machine

In use as warning tool and in second use as a trading machine

Example Small Stock Market Crash 10.10.2018

Pre- Warning on October 8th 2018 2 days before Small Stock Market Crash on October 10th 2018.

The avoided loss was up to 6,2%