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05/21 Performance of physical Precious Metals Portfolio - long only

Performance of our allocation of Gold, Palladium, Silver and Platinum against EUR: +324,41%

Performance of our allocation of Gold, Palladium, Silver and Platinum against the benchmark Gold: +147,84%

Physical Portfolio Allocation 4 Precious Metals- ITES dynam. Portfolio 01.01.10 to 01.05.21; 135 months

Our Set of Precious Metals
SPX 500
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What exactly are hard assets?

Hard Assets in our definition are assets that have liquidity at all times due to quoted market values, such as: precious metals, stocks, commodities.

In contrast to other material values, hard assets have a daily market price and can be bought and sold at prices that result from this quoted markets, usually with small spreads to this quoted prices.


What is not an asset?

Anything bearing interest is not a hard asset, it is a claim, therefore not even an asset.

In addition, money is a claim against a financial institution if held on an account and therefore it is not an asset even if it bears no interest.

In further addition, cash is a claim against a national bank and not an asset.


What are no hard assets because they lack the quoted price and the liquidity that comes with that quoted price?

Real estate or vintage cars or works of art are physical assets and physical values. They are assets but they are not hard assets, because the value is individual and psychological and can differ. They are not trustfully liquid. They are assets with soft value.


Specifics of our managed hard assets

Physical precious metals are resistant to crisis, they also resist breaches of claim chains such as monetary reforms.

Our portfolio made out of the four physically held precious metals gold, silver, palladium and platinum incl. rebalancing it from time to time along our forecast has proven extremely successfull. Prices for physical precious metals generally rise in crisis and uncertainties and in inflation.

Shares and mining shares are stakes in companies, they are no claims, they do not bear interest. These too have survived any monetary reform.

We are carefully allocating and reviewing a portfolio consisting of individual stocks, including a minor partition in mining companies. We hold stocks with dividend- rights and voting- rights, therefore direct stakes in companies.

The prices of equities generally rise in good economic conditions and in inflation.

Thus, there is usually a dampening balance between our two sub-portfolios, both of which rose sharply in EUR, although not always in the same time phase.


In addition, we also use counter- weights as needed to hedge individual portfolio components against sudden, strong price losses. Please see the "counter- weights" section of this webpage for details.

The overall portfolio is therefore extremely solid and, above all, independent from  the stability of claims and receivables or the related (financial) systems based on those.

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